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Double Danish Digital Awards

Back in March 2020 my team at DSB Digital Labs did an amazing job realising what was just a loose idea building on an earlier project. Can we use the train weight data to give our users power to keep social distance when travelling.

In just 3 weeks the team converted this to the service www.pladspå, where users can follw the trains around the S-train network and see just how occupied the next train is based on real time data. We even extended the service with a machine learning feature so we could estimate how filled a given train was going to be in the future. In that way our users could navigate the public transportation and help them selves in travelling safely.

It is of course a reward in it self seeing a solution like this come to life and seeing it being used by real users, but late August this year we also got an actual Award – actually we got two! Gold winner in AI and data AND Silver in Innovation at the Danish Digital Awards. Proud of being a part of a team that can make such things happen.

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Extending the “Tak Rock” Universe

maxresdefaultThis is a great example of how to extend a universe, which has been build up during the past years by Royal beer.

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Although pretty inspired by Heineken, it is a great execution.

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