Google taxi taking you there
google news

Techcrunch reports of new Google awarded patent. Google now wants to deliver you right down to the physical store with Google taxi – read more here Techcrunch on Google taxi


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Extending the “Tak Rock” Universe

maxresdefaultThis is a great example of how to extend a universe, which has been build up during the past years by Royal beer.

See more at http://www.royalbeer.tv/

Although pretty inspired by Heineken, it is a great execution.

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Weekend fun with Google tools!

Well, to be honest… most people will probably not see the fun in this – but my blog, my voice:-)

I am constantly amazed by the many tools that the kind people Google dazzle us with. A couple of weeks ago another one was released – or actually it is a combination of existing tools. The Real-time insights finder:

Great tool to use when wanting inputs to defining your webstrategy and making an intelligent research and project plan for it. This is not actually what amazes me – at the same time I couldn’t help but digging in to some of the other free tools provided, and the possibilities and data entrances are almost endless – you just need to make a clear strategy as to, what you want to use and why you want to use it. There are value to gain from almost all the available tools, but a massive data overload will threaten to take the life of even the best intentions.

So therefor; set time of to browse around the various possibilities out there, if possible get some insights from people in your network, that has some experience with some of the tools. After having done some initial testing make a document, where you make it absolutely clear to yourself why you want to use a certain tool and what you want to gain from it.

Now start by setting up one tool at the time, make sure to make automations where possible and plan how you want to follow up on your efforts – your measurements are worth squat if you can’t transform the in to actual actions. So make sure that you have planned how to convert your data in to actions and do not get overambitious. Almost all new things are smart and interesting in the beginning, but if you do not have the resources to do the actual follow and put actions behind your findings – don’t bother setting it up – it will only frustrate you. As said be clear what you want to gain and why you are setting up the tools – this will make it easier to allocate the right resources and cut down to the “need to haves”.

It is not only Google that makes a lot of free tools, but it is a great place to start and setting up a Google account, using spreadsheets and digging in to their tools will provide great value for most marketeers. To get you started you might want to browse around the tools here: http://www.google.com/think/tools/real-time-insights.html (especially try the tools under real time insight tools).

If that’s not the start of a fun weekend  – i don’t know what is – cheers to all of you.

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Can photoshop actions act as CSR message?

With this effort Dove continues the fight for real beauty and continues to build on their brand as the lead against the use of “virtual beauty”. See this small video to see how they got on the home screen of the actual makers of Photoshop retouching.

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What happens in an internet minute

Ever wondered what happens in an internet minute? See this infographic from intel:



Posted at http://scoop.intel.com/what-happens-in-an-internet-minute/ 


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Viral – Reconsider using womens shampoo
Viral video

Again a quick viral share. This time it is from Brazil and shows just why you, as a man, might want to consider buying your own shampoo.


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A viral quickie from Carlsberg
Viral video

Just a quick viral from Carlsberg – Putting you friends to the test


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Choosing the right media for the right occasion – part 3
Choosing the right media for the right occasion

This is the third part of the series “choosing the right media for the right occasion”. In this part, we will be looking at the tapas day, that disappeared. This case actually does use the right media, but lacks some in the execution. It has a couple of years on it’s back, but I still think the points are valid, so here we go.

San Miguel Tapas Day CPH – The event that disappeared

First of all I really like tapas and when it comes with a cold San Miguel (or preferably a good red vine) it is one of my favorite food categories. Therefore I off course clicked the little sponsored advertisements on Facebook inviting me to the San Miguel Tapas day and I read with enthusiasm, that the coming weekend where announced San Miguel Tapas day and you would get a tapas dish with every San Miguel beer you buy.

I was just about to invite some friends to visit a couple of bars to have a beer or two accompanied by tapas, but (there was bound to be one)  when I tried to find out which bars supported I was very surprised – It didn’t seem to be possible to find the participating bars. The fan page was inviting me to find the nearest establishment, but it seemed I wasn’t the only one having trouble to find out where to go:sm_where

There were a lot of activity on the wall and people generally seemed to be positive about the event, but in both Danish and Spanish people kept asking where and when they could participate. There were very little communication from San Miguel and it seemed that the very little there was, was either standardized advertisement for their tapas application or performed in Spanish.

In all fairness I have to say that it looked like a few of the people posting on the wall had found a place to find the information (although not sharing it) and it might have been on their campaign page (it’s been taken down now). But when I tried to enter the page I got this message:


The page was browser optimized and apparently didn’t support my browser version yet (one day before the event!!), by then it was not tapas and beer, that was on my mind, but rather an irritating feeling, that something as simple as easily letting the target group know how and where to buy the product completely had slipped the mind of the creators of the activity.

Digging a bit further into this event I realized, that it was a cross border event, that took place in various cities and it seemed like San Miguel probably “was killed” by their own success and lacking the resources to do the proper communication to each of the target markets and therefore unfortunately failing.

I actually quite like the idea of making an international tapas day and combining it with a brand – it gives value to the brand and gives the possibility of making an annual event, that can last for several years like it has been done in Denmark with Tuborg Christmas brew (site changes with seasons, so you might get lucky to discover other danish beer traditions like Easter brew on the site:-)) . I also like, that you try and engage the participants by making apps where you can create your own tapas (unfortunately taken down now – it did have a lot of good recipes as well :-))  and taking the events to the local cafes absolutely makes sense. What I really don’t like is when you put lots resources and effort in a campaign and forget the absolute basic – Where do I get the product – so… close, but no cigar and well thought, but some lack in execution.

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Virals to watch

After having gone a bit in pony mode, I thought I just might need to broaden the perspective of viral ads a bit, so gathered some of my favorites in this post.

Heineken – Champions League 2010

Brilliant and amazing setup around this campaign and amazing results (see last part of video) – a personal favorite.


World Out Games – Video from monkeyboy

The ability to use prejudices and turn them good almost never fails – Great local work.


Quicksilver – Dynamite surfing

Might be considered something like the Godfather of virals.


Arriva – Mukhtars birthday

Really nice executed flashmob on something as boring as transportational services.


Copenhagen philharmonics

Again danish public transportation service is the center of a viral flashmob. Don’t know if it actually was worth while creating this, but it’s a beautiful execution.

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A viral quickie from 3 UK
Viral video

I think we got an early contender for viral video of the month….

And make you own mashup here 

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