CLIENT: Gyldendal
ADDRESS:  (earlier version than current)
CATEGORY: Webdesign, mobile design, digital utility, e-commerce
Role: Client service and project management
Agency: In2media

Project Description

One of the largest Danish publishers are continuously working professionally on developing their online presences and are putting great effort in producing great and relevant content.

We (at In2media) have had a long time relationship with the client and are working closely on developing solutions that meet the demands of the publisher’s authors, partners and readers. Two of the most innovative solutions that we have developed are personalisation of content and integration of e-commerce.


The work done moved Gyldendal out on the mobile of the consumer, integrated online sales and acted as the first stepping stone in their digital journey.

E-commerce and personalisation

The e-commerce was integrated in the current setup and
hooked up to the large existing database of products ranging from physical books to applications and soundbooks.  While never having a clear goal of being a significant sales channel (due to partner connections) the e-commerce channel quickly became a channel of interest as it delivered revenue without even marketing the solution in any way.

A way of promoting the e-commerce solution without directly promoting it has been through delivering great and relevant content to the readers through the site and the dialogue programme. This was made even better and more sophisticated with the integration of marketing automation and generation of personalized content, that we developed a state of the art solution for.

The solution we developed made it possible for the publisher to work with engagement plans, where they can work with triggered content, content to specific segments and setup a plan of events, so that the site and email campaigns can deliver specific and adapted content on the fly.

The solution was developed using Sitecore with ECM and DMS suites.

The solution was created at In2media. Head over to my old colleagues to se more great work.

Other projects

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