CLIENT: e-boks
CATEGORY: Communication, Social, brand activation
Role: Digital ideation, client service and project management
Agency: Mensch

Project Description

e-boks was sponsoring the Danish Olympic athletes and wanted to create a digital campaign allowing communication between fans and athletes. We created the concept OLboks, where we developed a platform evolving around facebook and the #OLboks.


The solution acted as the platform for digital platform for promoting the sponsorship and worked as an internal authoring and distribution platform as well as a platform for creating relationship with the fans.


Thinking inside the box

One of the main messages in the general communication was thinking inside the box, which was also the concept created around the communication during the Olympics.

The solution was delveoped as both a stand-alone solution for mobile users and an integrated tab solution in facebook for desktop users. The solution build upon the facebook feed, hashtag and sharing capabilities.

Visit  to see the solution in action.