CLIENT: Danske Bank
CATEGORY: Digtial strategy, online sales strategt, personalisationadaptive content
Role: Digital advisor/strategist, client service and project management
Agency: In2media

Project Description

Danske Bank has for years been one of the front runners in the digital banking sphere and In2media worked with projects such as Mobilepay and Danske Netbank as some of the flagship projects from 2010-2015.

One item though that ended up being a bit neglected was the home page for both business and personal. This page where at its time also one of the best running on a sharepoint solution, but time had taken its toll and changes needed to be made.

Awards and nominations

  • Nominated for Danish Digital award 2015 in experimental, visual design

“Det er muligvis det bedste bank-website jeg har set. Er vild med det og den nye, ‘lettere’ identitet.”

Twitter user

Innovative release process and life situations.

A long process using deep user involvement and analyzing how to convert banking customers online started up in 2015 and ended op in a MVP which evolved around user life situations. The site was initially launched as Danske Bank Beta and gradually more and more content was added until september 2016, where the final switch was made.

My role in the project was client responsible and strategic advisor. Along with a great team I won the pitch and negotiated the contractual terms and took part in the analytical part of the project.

The solutionis build modular in Sitecore CMS with focus on giving editors of each department freedom when publishing.

See more about the project and team at the nomination site and on In2medias site.