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Choosing the right media for the right occasion – part 2
Choosing the right media for the right occasion

This is the second part of the series covering the importance of choosing the right media for the right occasion (You can find the first part here). In this edition we will look of an example to follow, when talking of choosing the right media for the right occasion.

Coinoffers – when mobiles moves mc’s

McDonald’s of course have a large marketing machine and has the power to seriously take ownership of different media channels, but if you cannot convert this in to actual mc’s over the counter, then it doesn’t really matters. The Coinoffer campaigns are only a part of a larger digital strategy (see link to presentation in the bottom), but the Coinoffer campaigns and the use of mobile has definitely set new standards of what you should dare to put out there to make the digital media a crucial part of your business efforts.

For those of you that do not know the campaign, see this video:

This case is a beautiful example of how the right media will not only create improved business, but also create a strong synergy to the rest of your media mix and act as the glue that binds the different media together. (Campaign results can be found in both video and links so won’t dwell on them here).

Case material is available here and you can find a presentation from the Marketing Director of McDonald’s Denmark here (In Danish unfortunately, but great stuff if you get the meaning:-))

This is not a McDonald’s ad, but the guys from McDonald’s Australia also created a pretty cool solution…

Promise, no more burgers for now.

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Choosing the right media for the right occasion – part 1
Choosing the right media for the right occasion

It should not be necessary to state, but choosing the right media for the right occasion is crucial. Throughout my career so far I have seen many examples of both good and bad choices of media for many different solutions and campaigns. In general the wrong choices come from either not having thought the whole process through, not considering your target audience, the timing or environment, but also a shear lack of knowledge and an intent of wanting “something” new and shiny often leads to misplaced choices.

Below is the first case in the series of the importance of choosing the right media – stay tuned to see some of the other examples that I am digging up.

Please turn off you cell phones…

planeThe first case is actually not a single case, but a repeating mishap and, in my opinion, example of bad counseling. When I go flying I always flip through the in-flight magazine, read some articles, see a couple of ads and a couple of competitions. And although I applaud the fact that, finally, competitions pr. defaults are using online media, then this might not be the right choice here.

The competitions in mention ask me to answer a question by choosing between three different answers and texting the answer to a shortcode! Just minutes before, the nice stewardess kindly asked me to put my phone off as they have just announced that all mobile equipment must turned off during the flight… I am not saying that they did not get any responses, but I doubt that the ROMI turned out positive on these campaigns.

Luckily the years of the mobile have finally come, but counseling like this definitely made some marketers hold back on the mobile throttle a few years.

Stay tuned for the next example of how the media choice can affect your efforts and feel free to share if you have your own examples or inputs.

Part 2 is now available.

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